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Randy Newman

Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father

Here I am lost in the wind
round in circles sailing
Like a ship that never comes in
Standing by myself
Sing a sad song for a good man
Sing a sad song for me
Sing a sad song for the sailor
A thousand miles from the sea
Here I am along on the plain
Suns going down
Its starting to rain
Papa, well go sailing

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Added by Lucian Velea
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Old Man On The Farm

Hes waitin for come rain to fall
Hes waitin for some mail to come
Hes waitin for the dawn again
Old man on the farm
Milk the cow - slop the pigs
Sweeping out the chicken-house
Drinking whiskey in the barn
Goodnight ladies
Sorry if I stayed too long
So long its been good to know you
I love the way I sing that song